Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day - Year 2

I thought Mother’s Day would be easier this year. Not. I must’ve been enjoying time in Denial but found myself on a quick trip back to Reality by Friday. It came in fits and starts on Saturday, especially during the afternoon and later evening. I cried me a new river.

Mother’s Day itself felt rather anti-climactic. There were certainly many happy moments with my four living children this weekend. Carolyn, due to have her first baby this week, and her husband Kris hosted a wonderful Mother’s Day brunch. I had a chance to be with all in-town children and children-in-law and grandchildren. FaceTime allowed me to catch up with both of my out-of-town sons and their families. Carolyn and I visited my mother, who celebrates her 85th birthday next Saturday. I am blessed. Still.

Before heading home, Carolyn and I stopped by the cemetery. Both of us shared that it was not a place where we feel Brandon’s presence, yet I wanted to stop. No tears. More a feeling of numbness. Numbness can be good when memories of Mother’s Days past include years of special dinners prepared by a son who on Mother’s Day, a few weeks before he died, told me, “Mom, you know Mother’s Day is my ‘thing’!”

I found this yesterday afternoon, and it pretty much sums it up

The Cord

We are connected,
My child and I, by
An invisible cord
Not seen by the eye.

It’s not like the cord
That connects us ‘til birth.
This cord can’t be seen
By any on earth.

This cord does its work
Right from the start.
It binds us together,
Attached to my heart.

I know that it’s there,
Though no one can see
The invisible cord
From my child to me.

The strength of this cord
Is hard to describe.
It can’t be destroyed.
It can’t be denied.

It’s stronger than any cord
Man could create.
It withstands the test,
Can hold any weight.

And though you are gone,
Though you’re not here with me,
The cord is still there
But no one can see.

It pulls at my heart.
I am bruised… I am sore,
But this cord is my lifeline,
As never before.

I am thankful that God
Connects us this way.
A mother and child
Death can’t take it away!

                                Author Unknown 

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