Friday, May 3, 2013

Happy Birthday Christina!

Brandon's Christina

Today, May 3rd is Brandon’s wife Christina’s birthday. Last year at this time, their daughter Morgan was growing like a weed, smiling and beginning to move herself around. Brandon was still working, although he was considering taking a medical leave from work due to some of the respiratory symptoms he’d been experiencing on and off since late March and the anticipated effects of a new course of radiation for brain mets. Brandon was obviously getting weaker and thinner, yet none of us knew that he had so little time left with his beautiful wife and daughter. Still, they celebrated Christina’s birthday and appreciated each day.

Brandon’s last post to his Facebook page was May 29, 2012 and this is what he wrote (and posted with the photo above): 
"So, after one week I am losing my personal assistant. Chris has been by my side helping with anything I might need. I know I couldn't have made it this far. Thanks babe, you are the best!"

We are so glad Brandon and Christina found each other. And our family is so blessed to have her as part of it – always…

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