Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday Night Fireworks

A Friday night home game. Win or lose there will be fireworks afterward, but tonight the Cincinnati Reds win. A burst of fireworks and the blast shatters the air. We think the big display is about to begin, but there is only the one burst and then silence. My husband turns on the T.V. The fireworks were to draw attention to a ceremony honoring “Big Red Machine” legend Joe Morgan following the game. From our veranda we can see the lights of the stadium as we watch the ceremony on television. The lights appear to be brighter during the ceremony than they were during the game.

The ceremony doesn’t last long. As soon as it ends, the usual Friday night home game display erupts. I love living this close to “my” Ohio River and I love living this close to “my” Cincinnati skyline. I never grow tired of either no matter the time of day or the season. And I never grow tired of these fireworks. Actually, I think I love such them more the older I get. Fireworks are chemistry and magic mixed together. Tonight’s display, and particularly the “grand finale,” was particularly beautiful.

Fireworks from our veranda
My husband and I stand on our veranda in the dark, each with an arm around the other’s waist, enjoying the spectacular streamers of color and their mirror images on the water of the Ohio River. 

Where do tears suddenly come from? Big blobby tears that first accumulate in my eyes and begin to roll down my cheeks. I do nothing to stop them. Some continue to roll and roll - past my mouth, around my chin, down my neck.

I marvel at the beauty while also feeling overwhelmed by sadness. The presence of both at once is no longer a dichotomy. Joy and sorrow have joined hands and taken residence within me in some sort of companionable coexistence. I think they plan to be long-term inhabitants. 


  1. All the boats in the water look like a sky full of stars. This is a beautiful site!

    1. Thank you, JG! And your metaphor of the boats on the river is perfection!