Wednesday, August 21, 2013

That was then, this is now...

 Last year at this time: 
  This year:
Please, invite me to anything, anytime, anywhere. Please, distract me as much/as often as possible. ("I'm dancing as fast as I can!")  

 Happiest in my shell (again)
Difficulty concentrating whether reading books, multi-tasking, etc.

 Same as last year
Find weird comfort in Facebook (Fits short attention span?)   
 Same as last year
Going from feeling fine to crying in 1 second

 Same as last year
Didn't know there could be so many tears - not just teary but rolling down the cheeks tears

 Same as last year
Making guttural noises I didn’t know could come out of my mouth

 Same as last year
A basket of Sympathy cards on a table in the hall

 Still on hall table - untouched
Profound sorrow, missing the person of our Brandon (at all ages/stages)

 More profound/deeper  
Appreciate the gift that is each of my children
  Stronger than last year

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