Tuesday, July 16, 2013

More Words From the Pen of Brandon

Yesterday I shared a note Brandon wrote while wrestling with fear and negative thoughts about his journey with a stowaway that hid and then completely invaded his physical body. But it couldn't overwhelm his wonderful spirit or his zest for living while here, and it couldn't prevent him from thinking of and caring about others. 

A few days after his battle with negativity, he wrote the following to/for himself: 

* What can I do as a cancer patient that
   I don't/others-people don't think I can do?
* How can I raise $$ for the ca cause?
* Cancer Can't Stop Me
* Inspire other young adults that they can 
   still live their lives
* If I can help someone get out of the house,
  do anything they say you can't or don't need to
* LIFE with Chemo! It's On!
* Help others going through chemo fulfill a dream.
* Keep Living!
* You don't need to just sit around on a couch.

While dealing with the killer combo of regular chemo plus 5-day per week radiation treatments, Brandon told me that once he'd "kicked cancer's butt" he wanted to create an organization that would encourage and help those dealing with cancer to stay active. He wanted others with cancer to know it was possible to truly live and give during and after treatment. He practiced what he wanted to preach until his body absolutely refused to allow it. He continued to work and stay active (play) until a few weeks before his death. He continued to cook for his family until days before he entered the hospital. And he never stopped laughing, loving and living until he was "done. Done." 

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